For automatic double-sided production

Double-sided printing option

If you have a regular flow of double-sided production jobs, this option is a must for you. Say goodbye to the complications of loading and aligning the rolls. Instead, simply put your trust in a reliable automatic process. And free up capacity!

You're all too familiar with the problem: the tricky thing about printing on both sides of stretch banners, ceiling hangers, blockout banners, posters and similar items is making sure that both sides are congruent. Karibu handles this confidently. The roll to roll printer processes jobs of this sort automatically – and reliably, with the help of a camera system that reads QR codes printed next to the image. So the system has everything under control. Come what may, you'll finish the job on time, just as the customer wants it.

Always correct and congruent

Karibu's control compensates for the factors that create uncertainty in a manual process. New roll loaded in a different running direction? No worries: the Lory output software realigns the data. Roll rewound? No problem: the system keeps track of everything and finds the right print coordinates – so images are always aligned correctly and congruently.

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