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A remarkable number of participants in the Creative Challenge used relief printing in signage. It literally gives a special "touch". And for the visually impaired it even gives a legible touch if Braille is printed.

The order of the projects is random and has no reference whatsoever to the ranking in the swissQprint Creative Challenge.

Orientierungsbeschriftung by Erwin Hüttl Ges.m.b.H.

Orientierungsbeschriftung Eingang
Alu composite panel with special structure
674 x 253 mm
Filigree relief print on a structured substrate matching the surfaces of the architecture.
Produced by Erwin Hüttl Ges.m.b.H., AT
Printer: Nyala 3


Wegweiser by Haas Werbetechnik

Alu composite panel
400 x 698 x 3 mm
Relief priting and varnish effects enhance this orientation board.
Produced by Haas Werbetechnik, AT
Printer: Nyala 3


Moon Palace by Modulex

Moon Palace
Aluminium board
600 x 338 mm (Original: 1000 x 1600 mm)
Orentation map enhanced by relief printing for visual and tactile perception.
Produced by Modulex A/S, DK
Printer: Nyala


Ben Nevis relief print by Coastline Graphics

Ben Nevis relief print
296 x 420 x 3.6 mm
This print is about tactility. The topographic map is built up on the uneven wood, the photograph has a glossy varnish finish.
Produced by Coastline Graphics, GB
Printer: Nyala LED


Structure sign by Modulex

297 x 210 mm
Tactile print on texture print for easy way finding.
Produced by Modulex A/S, DK
Printer: Nyala


Tactile map of playground by GCOLOR Company

Tactile map of playground
White acrylic board
844 x 425 x 10 mm
Different areas have different look and feel (relief print). Printed Braille for blind visitors.
Produced by GCOLOR Company Ltd., TW
Printer: Nyala 2


Stone structure sign by Modulex

Stone structure
Aluminium board
304 x 304 mm
Tactile print on printed stone texture for easy way finding.
Produced by Modulex A/S, DK
Printer: Nyala


Wood structure sign by Modulex

Wood structure
Aluminium board
150 x 75 mm
Tactile print on printed wood imitation for easy way finding.
Produced by Modulex A/S, DK
Printer: Nyala


3D world map by PT. Bintang Sempurna

3D world map
Alu composite panel
700 x 1200 mm (Original: 1220 x 2440 mm)
Tiny text reproduced with sharp edges and islands smaller than 3 sqmm accurately printed. Anyone who sees it wants to touch it.
Produced by PT. Bintang Sempurna, ID
Printer: Impala 2


Sarawak restaurant signage by Chromega

Sarawak restaurant signage
Granite style wall tile
600 x 300 mm
Texture print on a granite imitation wall tile for indoor signage involving reproduction of a corporate colour (orange).
Produced by Chromega Sdn Bhd, MY
Printer: Nyala 2


Remember Showa sign by Nikko Process

Remember Showa
Presensitised plate
363 x 515 mm
Textured rust effect gives this sign, which is printed on an unusual substrate, a retro look.
Produced by Nikko Process, JP
Printer: Impala 3


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Published on:
20 January 2020

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