Glass option

Full bleed printing on pre-cut glass panels. With accurate registration for multiple productions and protective paper that saves you cleaning the print bed.

The glass option in a nutshell

A pivoting alignment edge with five steplessly adjustable horizontal stops, each one set to the formats you print. Air-permeable protective paper allows the vacuum to do its work, while retaining the ink. Instead of cleaning the vacuum table, you simply advance the paper after each job. So all is clean and ready for the next one.

That’s quite a time-saver. And with the Tandem function, you can go a step further in serial production: While the printer is working on one half of the bed, start setting up the other side. In the best case, you can print without interruption.

glass option birdview © swissQprint

Good to know

Every swissQprint flatbed printer can handle tandem as standard, and the glass option is retrofittable. Likewise the roll to roll option, which you will need for the trick with the protective paper.

And another thing: The glass option of course also comes in handy with other rigid media.