Press release

swissQprint Creative Challenge – the winners

For the third time, swissQprint invited all users around the globe to join the Creative Challenge. Now the winners of this community competition have been announced.

swissQprint organised a worldwide competition within the swissQprint user community in spring 2023. Customers from all five continents took up the challenge and submitted 60 works. Judging was done by an internal swissQprint jury and two external experts: together they were looking for originality, while also including process and print-related considerations. The public, too, had three weeks in which to cast their votes online. Now the winners are known:

Symphony of creation by Haas Werbetechnik © swissQprint

1st place: Haas Werbetechnik of Austria with “Symphony of creation”, a unique composition of highly varied materials and printing techniques: metallic effects, droptix, white, UV varnish and 3D relief printing. Having already won the previous swissQprint Creative Challenge in 2019, Haas Werbetechnik successfully defended its pole position.

Wood star by CMP Enseigne © swissQprint

2nd place: CMP Enseigne of France with “Woodstar”, a truly spectacular work of art. Transparent areas, droptix and lenticular printing, relief and metallic effects, plus clever use of varnish together create a stunning display.

Alice Immersiveland by Gcolor Company © swissQprint

3rd place: Gcolor Company Ltd. of Taiwan with “Alice Immersiveland”. Lenticular printing is the secret to fairytale-like transformation of the image; additional printed relief completes the magic.

Le couteau swissQprint by Signaletik Diffusion © swissQprint

4th place: Signaletik Diffusion of France with «Le couteau swissQprint», a detailed replica of a Swiss Army knife, ornamented with relief elements. Various designs impart a distinctive look to each one of the tools.

Funny moving poster by Take Corporation © swissQprint

5th place: Take Corporation of Japan with “Funny Moving Poster”, a test piece for an engaging shop window display. Rotating patterns draw attention to the product.

The winners – a delegation from Haas Werbetechnik – will be travelling to swissQprint’s factory in Kriessern, Switzerland. Second to fifth placed winners are being rewarded with generous prizes.

This is the third time swissQprint has held the competition: first in 2016, then in 2019 and now this year. Adriano Gut, Key Account Manager at swissQprint, says about the Challenge: “Again, we marvelled at our customers’ ingenuity, creativity and skill; they make the seemingly impossible happen.” A gallery displaying all the works will shortly go live on