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swissQprint celebrates three years of neon innovation

swissQprint is celebrating the third anniversary of the launch of its neon inks, which have proved increasingly popular as print service providers look to add value to the innovative solutions they deliver to clients across Spain and Portugal.

Neon meets UV © swissQprint

swissQprint was the first printer manufacturer to bring neon options to UV inkjet printing in March 2021 after a two-year development process. The pioneering firm saw great potential in neon inks for customers wishing to expand their print capabilities and set themselves apart from the competition.

Sitting alongside swissQprint's CMYK and other inks, the neon pink and neon yellow gives indoor signage a dazzling look. Suitable for rigid and flexible media they have exceeded expectations and become an integral part of many customers' swissQprint machines.

A philosophical fit

With versatility at the heart of swissQprint's machines, the print expert wanted to ensure the neon inks would fit seamlessly into its highly modular, configurable system. Customers were not only able to specify neon as a part of their machine build, but also add the extra colour options to existing printers. To date eight businesses are using neon inks on the Iberian Peninsula.

"With the exclusive neon colours, our customers stand out with exceptional applications, which makes their investment pay off even faster," said swissQprint Managing Director of Spain, Jorge Suberviola. "Our machines have always been modular. Given the new option to incorporate neon colours, print service providers now have an even wider array of choices to configure the printer to their needs."

A strong retail and events presence

The resulting feedback from the market and customers using neon colours has been nothing other than positive with the retail and events sectors proving to be early converts to the inks. Through sophisticated design and the wider capabilities of the swissQprint machines, neons have been seamlessly integrated into large window displays, hanging signage, and more.

swissQprint neon inks © swissQprint

Designers, brand owners, and agencies working in print sector have been able to reimagine their approach to design, leveraging the unique capabilities of neon inks to create impactful and personalised experiences through UV inkjet printing.

Many users have seen the feature as a huge opportunity to get creative and move away from traditional uses of neons in screen printing. Neon inks can also substitute the magenta and yellow process colours. This gives the images a most striking effect.

"We have seen a great number of stunning neon projects our customers have realised in the past three years," said Suberviola. "Neon colours have enabled designers to create amazing visuals across various media like paper, acrylic, glass, and aluminium. I am sure we will see lots more in the next three years and beyond."

To learn more about swissQprint's neon inks, click here for a short video explainer: