Press release

swissQprint: full showing plus a milestone

At the Fespa Global Print Expo, Munich, May 2023, swissQprint exhibited the latest developments in machines and applications as well as highlighting its sustainability concept. The company also celebrated a milestone.

swissQprint in collaboration with its global distribution network showcased developments in flatbed and roll to roll printing. Beyond inspiring demonstrations of applications and machines, the Swiss manufacturer showed how its customers unite commercial success with environmental protection. The company moreover celebrated shipping the 1000th unit of its successful Nyala model.

Flatbed generation 4

The Oryx, Impala (2.5×2 m) and Nyala (3.2×2 m) flatbed printers are well known for their high output quality, efficiency and huge versatility. swissQprint’s fourth-generation models use the latest print heads with a maximum resolution of 1350 dpi. The printers’ modular design – including a roll to roll option – along with special inks such as neon, white and varnish, all working in concert to enable the wide range of applications. Fespa visitors could enter a special room to experience the neon inks’ powerful impact – they fluoresce under black light.

Karibu 2 roll to roll printer

The Karibu dedicated roll to roll printer (3.4 m wide) is also into its second generation featuring the latest print head technology. What makes this printer interesting for users keen to differentiate themselves from the mainstream market are its special capabilities, for example neon, varnish, white and relief printing. Then there are unique efficiency-oriented features: the cassette system for quick loading of rolls, Tip Switch Vacuum for fine-tuned vacuum control, and multilayer mode for registration accuracy while overprinting various layers.

Kudu, high-end printer

This is the only swissQprint printer featuring ten colour channels and up to 30 print heads. Its ink configuration options are a touch more varied relative to the other swissQprint models, which with their nine colour channels are very versatile already. Audiences at the stand were impressed not only by Kudu’s print quality, but also its productivity – up to 304 m²/h, and that for both flatbed and optional roll to roll printing (3.2 m).

1000 Nyala flatbed printers

In May 2023 swissQprint sold the 1000th unit of its Nyala model. There were celebrations both at headquarters and among the trade fair team in Munich, including distribution partners. Nyala has been swissQprint’s flagship model for over a decade, winning a variety of awards along the way and staying Europe’s best-selling printer in its class for eight consecutive years.

swissQprint Greentech

This term encapsulates swissQprint’s concept for bringing a maximum of environmental compatibility to economical UV printing technology. It begins with production based 100 percent in Switzerland, continues through certified inks and energy efficiency, and extends to low maintenance and above-average service life.