Double-sided printing

An automatic process that's precise and reliable

Karibu double sided printing © swissQprint

It's goodbye to the headaches of loading and aligning rolls for double-sided printing. Leave it to Karibu, with the new option for automatic double-sided printing. And rely on simple, congruent and efficient production of media printed on both sides.

Reliable process

Karibu's control knows what it has to do. An integrated camera system reads QR codes printed next to the subject; it uses them to correctly match front and reverse sides, and ensuring that they line up. You can rotate and flip the roll and the software will do the same with the subjects, so it always finds the correct position and orientation.

Do you want to see it all for yourself? We fully understand! And we'll be very happy to give you a live demonstration of the automatic double-sided printing. At the same time, you can also take a look at Lory – our intuitive output software that plays a key part in simplifying the process.