Karibu S

Move the limits – with the new speed model of our Karibu roll to roll printer.

Karibu S © swissQprint

Karibu S will boost your performance on roll production jobs like never before. If your list includes billboards, short-lived posters or large-scale mesh prints, you'll achieve unbeatable results – at up to 330 m²/h. Unbeatable – because the output quality is remarkable given the productivity rate. And reliability that's just as unbeatable: you can count on Karibu S. Around the clock, seven days a week.

A little help goes a long way

Karibu S stands on the same sound foundations as Karibu, so it offers the same unique features. Ranging from the cassette system for fast, reliable roll handling and the Mesh Kit for clean mesh printing to the Tip Switch Vacuum for simple, targeted vacuum control. These features relieve pressure on operators during day-to-day work, are reliable and boost process efficiency.

Move the limits

Karibu S pushes the limits that currently restrict the output/quality ratio. You'll have every chance of outstripping your competitors. With production sprints that need to be seen to be believed. We'll be happy to show you some examples.