Leading the field

Nyala stays a top seller

The Nyala flatbed printer has been leading the European sales statistics since 2015 – that’s for the past nine years.

swissQprint Nyala top seller © swissQprint

Geneva-based market research institute Infosource has confirmed this yet again: Nyala leads the field. In 2023, no other printer in its league* sold more units in Europe than the swissQprint flagship. Since being launched eleven years ago, it has already undergone three major development iterations. The 4th generation operates with the latest technologies.

Speaking of developments: Kudu, our new high-end flatbed printer, débuts at third place in the sales statistics although it has only been on the market for just over a year! Both this model and Nyala feature compellingly high print quality and performance along with great versatility Apropos versatility, printer output in general grew yet more colourful with the introduction of our neon inks three years ago.

Nyala 4 © swissQprint

Nyala 4

The swissQprint flagship and European champion among flatbed printers.

Kudu high-end printer © swissQprint


The flatbed printer with 10 channels and extra capacity – with superb quality.

neon meets UV © swissQprint


Attention grabbers: neon yellow and neon pink give printed materials that sensational look.

It is a pleasure and an honour to see our customers repeatedly welcome new developments and enhancements with open arms and use them to achieve great things. Thank you!

*UV flatbed/hybrid printers >60” (152.4 cm) wide in the 130,000 – 650,000 EUR price segment, compared to all brands and models surveyed.