For clean and efficient mesh printing

Mesh Kit

Mesh printing without liner? And without the hassle of setting up and cleaning afterwards? Karibu makes it possible. All there is to do beforehand is change the position of the print beam – and you're ready to go.

swissqprint meshkit © swissQprint

A Mesh Kit comes integrated with the Karibu print bed. Before starting production on permeable substrates or a full bleed job, the user sends the print beam from the standard to the mesh position. All it takes is a mouse click, then printing can begin.

The Mesh Kit contains two rolls of paper that absorb excess ink. Don't worry, the paper will never soil the substrate from below: first, it is slightly recessed and second, the absorbed ink cures during printing. Moreover, the paper moves along in conveyor belt fashion.

All you need to do is occasionally change the full paper rolls, at the earliest after 600 linear metres of production. Cleaning is unnecessary. So mesh and full bleed jobs are just as easy and quickly handled as any other.