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"Nyala is a source of inspiration for our customers – many of them are artists."

amana inc., Tokyo, Japan. By bringing their large format printing process in-house, this visual communication agency has taken fine art productions to a new level. Their swissQprint Nyala printer also inspires the demanding artistic clientele to order creative applications.

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Walking into the amana “PORT” feels like visiting an art gallery. And art is what is created in these new premises at amana, a renowned Japanese visual communication agency. “The PORT is where we load the content of our imaginations for presentation to the world,” explains a smiling Mr Sho Kosuda, himself an award-winning photographer and manager at amana.

High-end visual communication

amana provides stock libraries of photographs, illustrations and video clips. A highly skilled workforce of more than 1000 produces high-quality still photography and videos as well as 2D and 3D computer graphics. Further services include graphic design, production of TV commercials, web design, digital catalogues, editorial content, and orga­nising events. amana productions are known for their high level of profes­sionalism and artistry.

Large format printing refined

The rooms at the “PORT” are unusually spacious and airy for urban Tokyo standards, with sumptuous interior decoration: large format fine art prints adorn many a wall and include some of Mr Kosuda’s own work. They are produced on a swissQprint Nyala large format printer, which occupies a prominent spot on an upper floor where it stands like an exhibition piece. Mr Takayuki Sasaki, who runs operations at the Flatlabo, considers Nyala a gem: “We were fascina­ted by its outstanding print quality right from the start.”

Nyala has enabled amana to bring their large format productions to a new level. They used to outsource large format print jobs, but that often blocked the creativity flow. With Nyala, they are now able to control the process from start to finish, as well as refine their work as they go along. That includes the planning phase, the design, producing samples, and the final output.

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“We were fascinated by Nyala’s outstanding print quality right from the start”, say the operating officer, Mr Takayuki Sasaki (right), and Mr Sho Kosuda, manager and award-winning photographer.

Fine art photo prints

Some customers source large format prints from amana as part of their trade fair booth and showroom decoration. Other projects involve interior decoration of shops, hotels and office spaces. amana also supplies XL photo prints for exhibitions and events. Mr Sasaki explains how the images produced by inkjet technology tend to be grainy. “But not with Nyala,” he states. In addition to CMYK the printer is equipped with light magenta, light cyan and light black. Using light colours helps to render the smoothest gradients and finest hues. Furthermore, amana had their Nyala equipped with white and varnish as well as a roll to roll option. Thus they can process any material and create special effects, which again is in line with their artistic approach. The substrates commonly used range from acrylic glass, banners and paper to canvas and backlit textiles. Of course, the team is keen to experiment with any other material.

Nyala inspires customers

Quite a number of amana’s customers are artists; they appreciate a supplier with professionalism and understanding for art. “We have seen an increasing number of unusual requests since introducing Nyala,” points out Mr Kosuda. Mr Sasaki recounts a project involving an oversized picture book: “We printed onto 5 mm thick B0 paperboard.” Talking of books, Mr Sasaki explains that Nyala is regularly used for applying effect varnish to books that have been printed on a different digital printer. “Nyala clearly inspires our customers, and the respective business lines have grown,” summarises Mr Kosuda.

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The rooms at the “PORT” are unusually spacious and airy for urban Tokyo standards, with sumptuous interior decoration.

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Quite a number of amana’s customers are artists wanting reproductions of their work.

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amana inc., Tokyo, Japan
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