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Basics Karibu © swissQprint
swiss-made © swissQprint

Swiss Made

swissQprint is packed with 100 % Swiss development and mechanical engineering. Inclusive of the control technology

36 months warranty © swissQprint

36 months warranty

You can count on a reliable system – the outcome of robust engineering, Swiss precision and exclusive use of

Cassette system © swissQprint

Cassette system

Loading and changing rolls takes just a few minutes with the Karibu cassette system.

Tip Switch © swissQprint

Tip Switch Vacuum

Karibu features a controlled and finely segmented vacuum system with fingertip adjustment.

Light Box detail © swissQprint

Light Box

Karibu users can monitor backlit prints practically in real time using the Light Box function.

Mesh Kit © swissQprint

Mesh Kit

Karibu does mesh and full bleed printing with no need for liner. And with no clean-up afterwards.

x-control © swissQprint


Karibu's beam is movable between two defined positions: standard and mesh.

Multilayer printing © swissQprint

Multilayer printing

Mirrored, identical or different, Karibu prints multilayers onto transparent media with accurate registration.

Profitable LED technology © swissQprint

Profitable LED technology

LED curing is cool. This means heat-sensitive media can join the portfolio and open up lucrative markets. LED lamps

Certified energy efficiency © swissQprint

Certified energy efficiency

swissQprint LED systems are all proven to be highly energy efficient (Fogra ISO 20690:2018). As an owner, you can

Total control with status indicator  © swissQprint

Total control

The operator can keep an eye on Karibu from anywhere in the room, thanks to two status indicators at each end

economical and environmentally friendly © swissQprint

Economical and environmentally friendly

With swissQprint, you can print with a clear conscience.

psd-ready © swissQprint

Constant print quality

swissQprint large-format printers comply with the Fogra PSD.

Edge restraints © swissQprint

Edge restraints

Stainless steel edge holders prevent crashes and interruptions to operation by keeping wavy material edges flat,

Safety for people and processes © swissQprint

Safety for people and processes

Should something or someone breach the light curtain surrounding the beam, the print head carriage slows down to

No crushing crashes © swissQprint

No crushing crashes

Crash Sensor Technology prevents damage and rejects if the material thickness was entered incorrectly or corners

Resume printing after crash © swissQprint

Resume printing after a crash

Despite all precautions, there has been a crash, and that on the final few metres? It's not the end of the world.

Cutting channel © swissQprint

Clean cut

The print bed incorporates a cutting channel that provides a defined trimming edge. So, out with the cutter and

precise-droplet-placement © swissQprint

Precise droplet placement

The material and the environment together generate an electrostatic charge. Antistatic units on the machine

Lory © swissQprint


The output software is intuitive in operation and guides the user through the printing process.