Wood printing

UV printing lets you reproduce wood textures or apply any desired pattern to wood panels. For bespoke interior design, high-grade packaging, or industrial products such as floor coverings. Realised with swissQprint, naturally.

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Typical application areas

Our customers prove it: Wood is wonderfully adaptable.

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Hard facts

Worth knowing

Clearance height
Space for thick boards
Industrial build quality
For heavy-duty jobs
Registration points
For pre-cut boards
Powerful vacuum pumps
Reliable process
Interior decoration

Real or simulated wood

With a swissQprint flatbed printer, you can either add pep to the natural material or simulate a wood effect. The result is precise and remarkably true to the real thing, with accurate colour reproduction and surface texture patterns derived from 3D scans.

For that that alpine hut feeling at a themed event: lightweight plywood with a printed antique wood look. For a concept store: simulated wood floor texture on low-cost chipboard. For an Asian restaurant: ornamental wall art printed onto real wood panels. For a day nursery: cabinet doors with colourful animal motifs. What ideas might you have in mind?

Wood was our primary reason for purchasing the Nyala.

Silvan Rohner, ComRo, Switzerland

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Personalised gifts and promotions

Wooden packaging enhances the contents of a gift and beautifies the gesture. Personalisation flatters the recipient. Limited, numbered editions boost product appeal. It’s neat how direct printing on wood gives you full freedom of design.

An example

Handy features
Inks © swissQprint

Universal inks

UV inks from swissQprint adhere to a huge variety of media. Wood works especially well. White, printed as a priming coat, lets colours shine. Printed as a layered relief, it builds textures.

Reliable process

swissQprint flatbed printers have a strong vacuum that pulls even slightly warped boards flat. To protect the print heads – on very rough, uneven surfaces – the operator can adjust the print head clearance. If necessary, during the printing process. And if, despite all caution, a crash does occur, hardware and software help prevent serious damage and rejects.

crash sensor © swissQprint

No crushing crashes

Crash Sensor Technology prevents damage and rejects. The ‘resume printing after a crash’ function restarts printing at the exact point where it stopped – and saves the day.

Tip Switch Vacuum © swissQprint

Tip Switch Vacuum

The underpressure-controlled vacuum system is strong but quiet.

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Certified energy efficiency

swissQprint LED systems are all proven to be highly energy efficient (Fogra ISO 20690:2018). As an owner, you can

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