Added enhancement

Effect varnish

Printed selectively or overall, applied thinly or in layers, with a matt or glossy finish, effect varnish produces visual and tactile experiences. These often trigger an emphatic wish to approach and touch the printed product. Mission accomplished!

Effect varnish creates eye-catchers. It gives displays and advertising signs a classy touch. It highlights textures or even creates 3D effects. There are good reasons why sign makers, packaging/display developers and designers like to play with it:

Selective for accentuation © swissQprint

Selective for accentuation

Overall gloss or matt finish © swissQprint

Overall gloss or matt finish

Dropgloss lays it on really thick © swissQprint

Dropgloss lays it on really thick


There is a choice of varnish types with different properties. You choose the one that suits your requirements best. With different printing modes, one and the same varnish creates varying degrees of gloss and tactile experiences: from matt finish to high gloss, from smooth surface to 3D texture.