Checking each and every production batch

Systematic quality control

swissQprint users rightly expect a constant and reproducible print result. Individual ink batch quality is part of attaining the objective. To ensure ink performance, we test each production batch for a number of defined properties.

Viscosity © swissQprint


Ink viscosity changes depending on temperature. Constant viscosity gives constant print results in terms of droplet size - and hence constant colour fidelity.
Surface tension © swissQprint

Surface tension

Correct ink surface tension is largely responsible for consistent wetting of the substrate with ink and for shaping the droplets.
Particle size © swissQprint

Particle size

Inks must have a stable composition and only contain particles of non-critical size in relation to the print head nozzles to eliminate any sort of trouble.
Stability © swissQprint


Ink must keep within defined tolerance limits until its expiry date. We run checks on back samples. This enables us to detect unexpected deviations, recall ink batches if necessary and proactively avert problems at the customer.
Colour values © swissQprint

Colour values

We have built our own test rig for reproducing colour accuracy and ink curing. Ink batches must have a ΔE00 value less than 1 to be in tolerance and cleared for delivery, because only then is colour accuracy guaranteed.
UV curing © swissQprint

UV curing

Every ink batch must cure under UV light efficiently and according to defined parameters.