UV inkjet inks

Direct UV printing is all about lean processes and efficiency. The ink is an important part of it.

UV inkjet inks © swissQprint

Digital direct UV printing is convincing

  • Versatile
    Wide range of applications because the ink adheres to all manner of materials

  • Accurate
    Large colour gamut and correspondingly accurate image reproduction

  • Cost-efficient
    Low ink consumption, hence manageable costs

  • Efficient
    Curing immediately after printing, so postpress processing can begin right away

  • Economical
    Needs no drying process, which in turn saves much time and energy

  • Lean
    No requirement for processes such as lamination, thus saving time and resources

  • Impressive
    Optical and haptic effects enhance prints

  • Eco-friendly
    Solvent and VOC free, and Greenguard Gold certified

  • Safe
    Complies with applicable safety regulations

The technique has long since transcended the boundaries of classical advertising technology.

Flatbed © swissQprint

Encres pour imprimantes à plat

L’industrie graphique offre d’extraordinaires possibilités de création, y compris en termes de diversité des médias

Roll to roll © swissQprint

Les encres pour imprimantes roll-to-roll

L’impression roll-to-roll exige donc des encres flexibles, et pas seulement sur le plan de l’élasticité!

Ink laboratory © swissQprint

Ink as a service

Research& Development, Quality Assurance, Application Tests

Le laboratoire des encres garantit une solution globale pour une impression numérique de haute qualité.

colours © swissQprint

Talking of inks:

Whether flatbed and roll to roll printers, every swissQprint machine has nine colour channels. With a customized configuration that may be changed at any time.

psd-ready © swissQprint

Fogra ProcessStandard Digital

swissQprint large format printers are PSD-ready. They integrate into a certified standardised process, for consistent print quality and accurate colour reproduction.