Fine art and photo printing

Artists and photographers set the highest standards for reproduction of their works: colour accuracy and rendering of detail have to be just right. They achieve this with swissQprint large format printers, leading to further growth of the user community as word spreads around.

Fine art and photo printing © swissQprint

Typical application areas

Putting art into words is difficult. So we’ll let the images speak for themselves.

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Facts & Figures

Good to know

Visual resolution
Highly accurate reproduction
Texture printing
Built up quickly and precisely
Droplet size
Finest details
Freely configurable colour channels
For example, light black and varnish
Precision printing

Three-dimensional reproductions

Reproduction of oil and acrylic paintings is a growing and lucrative market. 3D scanners capture the originals. swissQprint UV inkjet printers speedily build up a layered relief that replicates brush strokes in minutest detail. Varnish, printed in the right places and with the right gloss level, provides the fitting finish. Only a practiced eye will spot the reproduction for what it is. And its impression will last for years, thanks to colour-fast inks.

Optimal results, reliably and fast

Printing with minimal clearance between print head and substrate is crucial to high quality. swissQprint flatbed printers always operate as close to the substrate as possible. Also when layering ink for art reproduction. How does that work? It's quite simple: the print head clearance adjusts itself continuously and automatically as the process advances. As a user, you can stay completely relaxed in certainty of achieving the optimum result. And it won't take long in coming.

Precision print © swissQprint

Pinpoint precision

Photo reproductions made by swissQprint fit confidently into the giclée scene, thanks to droplet placement having been perfected over the years. Specifically, it's about the combination of state-of-the-art print head technology with solid precision mechanics and an in-house developed control system. Every dot lands exactly where it should, so the viewer is presented with a harmonious overall picture.

Our original equipment was never going to be good enough for us to start working with world leading photographers. We lacked the requisite level of detail. When it comes to precision quality manufacturing, swissQprint machines are second to none.

Ken Sethi, Genesis, United Kingdom

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From colourful to monochrome

swissQprint UV inks cover an enormous colour gamut, ensuring accurate colour reproduction of artwork and photographs. Complementary light colours are available for printing fine gradients and natural skin tones. In black and white photography, light black is a must: the supplementary ink establishes a stable grey balance for copious rendering of tonal fade in dark areas and smooth shading.

Our customers don’t want to see dots.

Mike Bowers, Coupralux, USA

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neon © swissQprint


Attention grabbers: neon yellow and neon pink give printed materials that sensational look.

register pins © swissQprint

Exact register

swissQprint registration pins. They are set in no time and help to make full and efficient use of the print bed.

Just repeat © swissQprint

Just repeat

Printing a series of identical or different subjects with no additional RIP process? Nothing could be simpler:

Resume printing after a crash © swissQprint

Resume printing after a crash

Despite all precautions, there has been a crash, and that on the final few metres? It's not the end of the world.

impala © swissQprint

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