Glass printing

Glass is both a fascinating and a demanding material. As an expert in the field, you already know this – so let us just add: Digital direct printing on glass unlocks promising fields of business, and swissQprint flatbed printers are your key to success.

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Typical application areas

Brilliant creations from our customers, made by direct printing onto glass.

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Compelling facts

Good to know

Layers printed simultaneously
No bleed-through
Maximum media size
Magnificent creations
Registration points with the glass option
Full-bleed printing made easy
Ink set specifically for glass
Large colour gamut, excellent adhesion

Precision and process reliability

Glass is just as unforgiving of printing flaws as your customers are. So it's good to have a reliable system. swissQprint flatbed printers are built on a robust mechanical foundation, which makes a substantial contribution to process reliability. That robustness is also key to precise droplet placement, which in turn gives a flawless print image. Our printers output high resolutions with excellent sharpness and the subtlest of gradients that are a delight to behold.

Choosing a Nyala was all about quality and that has been borne out in practice.

Dr. Nagl, GlasDruckManufaktur, Germany

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Clever features make work easier

Imagine you can float heavy boards on an air cushion for effortless positioning on the print bed. No problem with our printers. The strong swissQprint vacuum can do this, because it is also able to operate in reverse. And positioning is utterly precise thanks to unique swissQprint registration pins that you can set in no time for specific jobs and formats.

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Glass option

Full bleed printing on glass panels. Clean and simple.

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Blow function

The system can also blow, so heavy media float across the table.

Resume printing after a crash © swissQprint

Resume printing after a crash

Despite all precautions, there has been a crash, and that on the final few metres? It's not the end of the world.

XXL formats

Glass panels up to 3×4 metres

The swissQprint board option makes easy work of glass panels up to four metres long. You only need to load one, and the system takes care of the rest.

See for yourself

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Inks for glass printing

Specially developed UV-curing inks adhere reliably direct onto glass and cover a wide colour gamut.

You only print on glass occasionally? Simply supplement the universal ink set with printable primer from swissQprint. Then you can add glass printing to your range of applications and still keep full media diversity.

Vibrant colours, striking effects

White is the foundation for brilliant colours on transparent media. White or varnish can also create frosted glass effects – partial or full-surface, with or without a gradient – however your customers want it. Or multilayer printing, and that basically in a single go. Because after all, who likes to see bleed-through?

Lasting colour fastness

Glass prints bring pleasure for years. Indoors and without mechanical stress on the print layer, you can safely work without a protection coating. For outdoor applications, such a coating is recommended. The inks are fully compatible with common coating techniques to make them weather-resistant.

With printing under laminated safety glass and a varnish seal, outdoor applications last for ten years.

Yul Regler, Regler-Glasdruck, Germany

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