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Karibu at Hataya JP © swissQprint
Streamlined production
How one printer replaces two others.
Fischer Schriften © swissQprint
Pleasing to the eyes and ears
Aesthetic acoustic solutions establish a second business mainstay.
Migros display © swissQprint
Self-promotion in retail
What few people know about Migros.
swissQprint Serigraph © swissQprint
The future is digital
Versatility is just as key as print quality.
Butler Technologies © swissQprint
Flipping the script
An Impala simplifies and accelerates printing of user interface products.
Schmidt Digitaldruck GmbH  © Digitaldruckfabrik
A second business mainstay built upon quality work, automated prepress workflow and steady optimisation.
PlateArt bathroom decoration © swissQprint
Personally styled living spaces
Room-enhancing printed shower walls, kitchen splashbacks and wall coverings.
Nyala @ V-TAB © swissQprint
100 000 sqm yearly production, 50 000 EUR savings
A signage department has turned into a strategic business unit.
Vinehall-desk-swissqprint © swissQprint
Nyala has helped to achieve a turnaround.
Simpson Print, Canada © swissQprint
This business changes every 2 years
No coincidence that this company has invested in three swissQprint machines over six years.
Regler Showcase © swissQprint
One single source – throughout Europe
One family, two businesses, six swissQprint machines – and 7500 square metres of output each week!
Genesis Microsculpture © swissQprint
To the next level
How a Nyala helps photographic works to become sculptural.
b-vw Kunst © swissQprint
Antibacterial – and decorative too
Printed wall coverings ensure sterility in healthcare facilities but the visual impression is anything but sterile.
DMR varnish application © DMR Graphics
Every day is different
Combined offset, screen and digital printing add value and create myriad spectacular solutions.
Promopublic application © swissQprint
New applications, new business
Nyala helps to open markets and drive diversification.
amana Produktion © swissQprint
Fine art – by connoisseurs, for connoisseurs
"Nyala is a source of inspiration for our customers – many of them are artists."
RicciEnrico © swissQprint
How to handle the most sought-after raw material for footwear and hand-bags.
Infoband © swissQprint
Turning a nightmare into a business idea
Personalisable identification bracelets. So that no child will ever get lost again.
Courpalux Printer © swissQprint
When demanding customers don't want to see any dots.
Finecut Bacardi © swissQprint
Digital versus screen printing
Or: how a manufacturer of custom input systems learned to leverage the strengths of two processes.
amana Produktion © swissQprint
No appetite for a bland diet
"Sometimes we quote for projects without knowing exactly how we'll complete them," Franck Dallefrate confesses.
ComRo Schach © swissQprint
What does an engineer have to do with cat food?
That's how Silvan Rohner got into digital printing over twenty years ago.
Fuchs Werbetechnik Material © swissQprint
We have lift-off!
They started out boldly with an Oryx in 2009 – today, Fuchs Werbetechnik is a major market player with four Nyalas.
Studio 2803 Material © swissQprint
Doubling productivity
How an upgrade doubled productivity overnight.
1adruck Gebäude © swissQprint
The crazy gang
We're crazy about ideas. And we're skilled at putting them into practice. Especially in lenticular printing.
swissQprint Tapete © swissQprint
Let's bring Switzerland into our premises!
Wallpapers and murals: decorative elements that can also be showpieces.
CEWE Portrait © swissQprint
7 days, 3 shifts, 5 Impalas
Year after year, high season is the acid test for all the machinery – and all the workforce.
GDM Scheibe © swissQprint
Glass printing champions
Two physicists and a glass specialist join forces to develop a unique floor for an indoor sports arena.
Finecut Bacardi © swissQprint
When someone claims they can print everything on anything. And then they go and do it.
CVS Produktion © swissQprint
Customers almost jump for joy
When they see the amazing look and feel of their prints for the first time.
Pronate Produktion © swissQprint
Ink wastage halved
And far less stress. "My team puts in much less overtime because Nyala is so reliable."
Oschatz Geschäftsführer © swissQprint
Finding the balance
Analogue versus digital. The company's twin mainstays mirror the customer profile.
Spot Display Fertigung © swissQprint
I wanna have fun!
When it comes to developing prototypes for packaging, this team has no inhibitions about experimenting.
PAP Produkt © swissQprint
Go with the flow
The size of the print run is neither here nor there.
Spot Display Fertigung © swissQprint
Consistently sustainable
"Everyone has to start with themselves," Carsten Böttcher says.