9 colour channels are available. How would you like to configure them?

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CMYK © swissQprint

Process colours

The systems’ CMYK standard is expandable, either when a printer is initially equipped or later when the requirements change. Nine freely configurable colour channels are available.
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Light colours

Light cyan, magenta and black reproduce natural skin tones, subtle gradients and shading.
CMYK © swissQprint


The colour orange can be used in combination with the process colours – thus considerably extending the colour gamut in orange and red.
WVP © swissQprint

White, varnish, primer

White, as a base layer or printed selectively, is a highlight with transparent and dark media. Effect varnish, applied partially or across the whole substrate, produces visual and tactile experiences. Primer applies the foundation for printing onto glass and metal. Placed where the ink will later go, it preserves the character of the substrate.
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Attention grabbers: neon pink and neon yellow give printed materials that sensational look. And they are fluorescent in black light.

All of the UV-curing inks are VOC free. They bond on acrylic, aluminium composite panels, wood, tarpaulins, polyester, polycarbonate, polystyrene, (rigid foam) PVC, vinyl films, flexible foam panels and numerous other media. Suitable materials may be stretched after printing without any signs of stress whitening in the colour thanks to the adequately flexible ink.