Oryx 4 is the most performant entry-level flatbed printer out there.

Oryx © swissQprint

You value fine detail and variety? Your order volume is moderate, your customers demanding? Oryx is the printer for you.

9 colour channels © swissQprint

9 colour channels – freely configurable

Board option © swissQprint

Board option for media up to 2.5 × 4 m

One for all

Oryx is a printer for rigid media. But it also has roll to roll printing capability. You can meet your customers’ every wish – and more. Because special applications such as texture and multilayer printing belong to the Oryx standard repertoire.

varnish printing © swissQprint

Varnish for visual and tactile enhancement

droptix - 3D effects © swissQprint

droptix: exclusive 3D effects

Perfect for you

Oryx prints at up to 90 m² per hour. You can count on high added value thanks to low operating costs, top efficiency and a lifespan well above the average. What other entry-level machine offers all this?