Neon ink


These neon inks give indoor signage a dazzling look. They are suitable for rigid and flexible media.


Neon is an eye-catcher as it glows in daylight and is fluorescent in black light.


Neon Pink, Neon Yellow


NVC-free © swissQprint

NVC free

No NVC (N-Vinyl-Caprolactam) monomer is present in the ink. NVC can be a risk for the human organism.
VOC free © swissQprint

VOC free

NO VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are present in the ink. VOCs can be a risk for the human organism.
Vegan © swissQprint


swissQprint confirms that the production of the UV-inks is free of animal-based substances.
RoHS 3/WEEE II © swissQprint


Compliant with the RoHS 3 directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) 2011/65/EU and the WEEE II directive (Electrical and Electronic Equipment) 2012/19/EU.
CP65 © swissQprint

California Proposition 65

CP65 is a Health & Safety Code, confirming no risky components are in the ink, e. g. heavy metal.
EN71-3 © swissQprint


European Children Health & Safety NormFree of heavy metal, so there is no risk for children's organism.