Special ink for glass & metal


The UV-curing, acrylic-based G-Ink inkjet ink series is optimised for a selection of substrates as used in industry and some applications in sign making. It is ideal for glass and metal in interior applications.


  • particularly suitable for glass and metal

  • strong adhesion properties

  • for UV curing (LED and mercury vapour lamps)


  • Cyan

  • Magenta

  • Yellow

  • Black

  • Light Cyan

  • Light Magenta

  • Light Black

  • White

  • Varnish (KX1)


  • NVC free
    No NVC (N-Vinyl-Caprolactam) monomer is present in the ink. NVC can be a risk for the human organism.

  • VOC free
    No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are present in the ink. VOCs can be a risk for the human organism.

  • HDDA free
    Formulated without highly irritating or highly allergenic UV monomers (like HDDA).

  • EN71-3; European Children Toy Health & Safety Norm
    Free of heavy metal, so there is no risk for children's organism.

  • RoHS 2 / WEEE II
    Compliant with the RoHS 2 directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) 2011/65/EU and the WEEE II directive (Electrical and Electronic Equipment) 2012/19/EU.