15 years of swissQprint

On 17 September 2022 we raised a toast to our anniversary and reflected on our past. With amazement, some pride, and immense gratitude.

15 years swissQprint Founders toasting © swissQprint

For us, the greatest thing has been everyone we met along the way. People who believed in us and stayed at our side ever since. All of them are part of our success story.

The milestones along our shared journey:

  • 2008 Oryx gets it all rolling

  • 2010 Impala launched, breaking speed records at the time

  • 2012 Nyala hits the market, enabling new formats

  • 2014 Generation 2 developed, with yet wider printing possibilities

  • 2015 Relocation to Kriessern, space for further growth

  • 2016 USA subsidiary established. Today we have six foreign subsidiaries

  • 2017 The switch to LED technology, bringing higher energy efficiency and more applications

  • 2018 Generation 3 launched, with new features and even higher efficiency

  • 2019 Karibu, the first roll to roll printer, opens new markets

  • 2021 Flatbed Generation 4 launched, marking a further leap in quality

  • 2022 Kudu, the new high-end flatbed printer, supplements the range

We started with just six people. Today's swissQprint family counts 200 employees working for the company group. Over 30 independent partner companies support us with worldwide sales. Together we have installed over 1600 machines.

15 years swissQprint founders at the time © swissQprint

The team – Reto Eicher, Roland Fetting, Peter Zünd, Werner Bösch and Hansjörg Untersander – at the time when the first Oryx was under development. That prototype still stands in our factory and is fully functional. Kilian Hintermann is absent from the photo – he was on a business acquisition tour at the time…