User report

Digital printing conquers leather fashion industry.

A swissQprint digital printer has helped a small leathercraft business to develop into a medium-sized enterprise that manufactures high-quality semifinished products for footwear and fashion accessories.

riccienrico © swissQprint

By installing the Nyala LED large format printer in September 2018, Ricci Enrico S.r.l. laid the foundation stone for industrial manufacturing of high-quality products. Gianluca and Elisa Ricci had already spent a whole year on market research as they evaluated a varied range of solutions. They eventually got to know swissQprint through the Fenix Digital Group – and were soon convinced: “Nyala LED met all our requirements for making the printing process simpler and faster while improving the visual appearance of our leather products.”

Leather is the most sought-after raw material for fashionable footwear and hand-bags. It is also gaining popularity in the garment, furnishing and decor sectors. Leather is a highly versatile material, but it is complicated to process – and that also applies to printing. “Nyala LED simplifies the processes thanks to intuitive operation – even the most inventive ideas can be realised in just a few simple steps,” Gianluca comments.