Unique new spot colours

Neon meets UV

swissQprint large format printers can now print with neon inks! Even in normal lighting, nobody can miss these dazzling colours. And in black light, they are the focus of attention because they are fluorescent.

Karibu Neon © swissQprint

Neon yellow and neon pink. Printed using UV inks. Never before has the world seen such dazzling advertising posters, backlits, event wristbands, themed presentations and art installations, trade fair booths, POS displays, ceiling hangers and signage. Talking of UV: the printed elements are fluorescent in black light – so your advertising message is still an eye-catcher even in the darkest reaches of a night club.

Ready for the neon revolution? All you need is an LED flatbed or roll to roll printer from swissQprint and enough free colour channels. Neon inks can be retrofitted at any time.