User report

Nyala has helped to achieve a turnaround.

After an extensive four-year search Vinehall Displays became the first company in Ireland to invest in a swissQprint Nyala 3 flatbed printer. This investment turned out to be vital during the pandemic.

When it came to his research criteria, Gerard McElhinney was specific that any new flatbed printing technology must provide photo quality results on various material types including paper, vinyl, acrylic, wood, metal and glass and produce anything from mesh wraps and staging to high-end point-of-sale materials and even personalised giftware. It must also be very user friendly as well as easy to operate. “swissQprint’s Nyala 3 ticked all the boxes on my shopping list,” Gerard reports.

What Gerard could not have predicted during the winter of 2019 was how significant his company’s investment would become when, without warning, the Coronavirus would sweep across the world.

Vinehall Displays user report © swissQprint

The flatbed printer has helped to secure the economic future of the company. Thanks to the swissQprint Nyala 3 Vinehall Displays has been catapulted ahead to a future that nobody could have imagined even a year ago. This goes to show that with careful and considerate economic planning, manufacturers everywhere can gain momentum and find success from identifying opportunities to diversify into new products or services, even in the face of economic adversity.