Industrial printing

Screen and digital make a strong team for functional printing. Specialists say this clever combination is often the optimal solution. And swissQprint flatbed printers fit seamlessly into the process.

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Typical application areas

Work by our customers: appealing and functional.

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Reliable production
Visual resolution
Finest details
Mechanical registration points
Perfect registration
Antistatic guns
Clean, statically discharged substrates
Dependable quality

Colour consistency

All swissQprint machines ship ‘PSD-ready’. PSD stands for ProcessStandard Digital, which is closely linked with ISO standard 12647-2 , an approved standard in offset printing. The use of ICC profiles for various media ensures constant print quality and faithful colour results, so that you hit the correct shades every time.

The print quality resulting from this resolution and colour accuracy was one of many arguments in favour of acquiring the Oryx.

Thomas Krekeler, Hoffmann + Krippner, Buchen, Germany

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Material diversity

Rigid and flexible media

A swissQprint flatbed printer gives you benchmark precision for processing rigid media: metal (aluminium, steel, etc.), glass and acrylic, polycarbonate, melamine. The swissQprint registration pins ensure total accuracy. And to hold media securely through the printing process, there is a powerful vacuum. Its underpressure control always sets just the right amount of suction, which incidentally contributes to the system’s energy efficiency.

By using a flatbed printer equipped with the roll to roll option or a dedicated roll to roll printer, you can process flexible substrates such as self-adhesive, polycarbonate, PET, polypropylene and PVC. For printing onto transparent substrates, white ink comes into play not least as an intermediate layer in multilayer applications. Simultaneous printing of all layers achieves 100 percent registration accuracy.

swissQprint offers a range of inks with differing characteristics. For special surfaces either a printable primer or bonding agents for manual application can be used. Moreover, the inks are suited for subsequent coating processes. Talk with us about your projects. Together we will determine the appropriate ink set.

Helpful features
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Exact register

swissQprint registration pins. They are set in no time and help to make full and efficient use of the print bed.

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Clever media retention

A powerful vacuum holds substrates flat and firmly in place.

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Worth seeing from both sides

Transparency can be highly effective: multilayer printing comprised of process colours, foundation layer, blocking

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Precise droplet placement

The material and the environment together generate an electrostatic charge. Antistatic units on the machine

We like to say that we can print anything on anything and with the Impala, we certainly can.

Simon Tourle, Fine Cut Ltd., United Kingdom

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