The preferred workplace: busy, with large and fast turnaround.

Nyala S © swissQprint

Nyala 4S is the speedster in the line-up of swissQprint’s flatbed printers. Maximum output: 370 m²/h – made for fast throughput with large-scale productions.

Tandem printing © swissQprint

Tandem printing – the productivity booster

Dual roll option © swissQprint

Dual roll option for maximum efficiency


A high-performance printer for producing large quantities with short delivery times. Its highest productivity level is just fine for billboards, banners and wraps for buildings under conversion.

Nyala 4S in 3D


The high performance of Nyala 4S derives from factors including a special ink configuration: eight colour channels are assigned to CMYK, leaving the ninth channel free for white or effect varnish.