For effortless vacuum control

Tip Switch Vacuum

Setting the print bed vacuum is child's play with Karibu. Using the patented Tip Switch vacuum, each of the 136 vacuum channels is switched on and off in no time at all with just the touch of a finger, no additional masking required.

Tip-Switch © swissQprint

Run it over the vacuum tip switches across the print bed width and open all 136 vacuum channels in just four seconds. Once the roll is loaded, do the same to shut off channels to its left and right. And in the case of dual rolls, also the channels in the gap between them.

Masking is now a thing of the past as you can switch the vacuum on or off in very small segments to avoid leaks. This allows the vacuum to develop its full force exactly where needed and securely hold down the substrate. To help you keep track, each switch has a green and red indicator to show its open or closed status.

Vacuum intensity is freely adjustable via the Lory output software. Moreover, the vacuum automatically reduces once there is sufficient underpressure or while material is being advanced. The results: a quiet working environment, minimum power consumption and precision feeding.

Tip Switch vacuum is patented.