When high productivity and top quality are combined, the results are magnificent. Literally!

Karibu S © swissQprint

Top performance with top quality

The Karibu S roll to roll printer is designed for high performance in 24/7 operation. A special print head configuration makes the most of the possible printing speed. Which is no less than 330 m²/h. And even at that speed, Karibu S delivers astonishingly sharp text and images. That's because it has typical swissQprint precision in its genes – in other words, absolutely accurate droplet placement.

Dual roll option © swissQprint

Double-sided printing option

Automatic double-sided production. Done in no time! You can count on it.

Dual roll option © swissQprint

Dual roll option

Karibu doubles productivity with parallel processing of two rolls up to 1.6 m wide.

Total freedom

Typical applications where Karibu S can assist include producing elements for exhibition booths, billboards and posters – to name but a few. The 3.4-metre-wide print bed offers plenty of scope for choosing materials. And the option of adding white to the colour configuration also extends the range of applications.

Mesh Kit © swissQprint

Mesh Kit

Karibu does mesh and full bleed printing with no need for liner. And with no clean-up afterwards.

Flexible ink

It's reassuring to know that the UV ink in Karibu S will stand up to everything you plan to do with your printed products: cutting, folding, sewing, inserting eyelets, stretching – whatever you like. The ink is optimised for flexible media, so it is suitably elastic and resilient.

Certified energy efficiency © swissQprint

Certified energy efficiency

swissQprint LED systems are all proven to be highly energy efficient (ISO 20690:2018). As an owner, you can not

Resume printing after crash © swissQprint

Resume printing after a crash

Despite all precautions, there has been a crash, and that on the final few metres? It's not the end of the world.

Intuitive output software

We've developed output software specially for Karibu: Lory makes light work of setting up and managing print jobs. And it's really fun to use – thanks to intuitive user guidance, real-time previews and wizards that reliably guide operators through the processes, step by step.