Every day is different

Combined offset, screen and digital printing add value and create myriad spectacular solutions.

DMR Graphics, LLC, West Conshohocken, PA, USA. This print solutions provider has a great strength: the ability to combine different printing technologies. Adding a swissQprint Nyala flatbed printer to their machinery has widened the scope of applications even more and also boosted efficiency.

DMR Graphics Jamie McLennan © DMR

If anyone knows what they are talking about in printing, then it is Jamie McLennan, Senior Account Executive and Creative Print Strategist at DMR Graphics. He has an offset background and is passionate about printing. In fact, people often see him running the equipment. “That certainly impresses customers when they drop in,” he says with a smile. And customers come around often to discuss the best possible solution for their projects. “We want to help display companies deliver on the promises they make to their customers. We are the ones who know how to figure ‘it’ out,” David Kovacs, the President, explains.

Multi-process printing

DMR Graphics’ great strength is its ability to mix different printing technologies in projects to arrive at ever-changing new solutions. That means combining sheet-fed offset and screen printing with digital printing. So they might flood panels with white, gold or some other metallic base layer in screen printing, and then add a digital print. Or the other way around: they will do the digital printing first and add glitter or other specialty inks like fluorescent by screen printing.

DMR Graphics application © DMR Graphics

Important centerpiece

There is one piece of equipment that has played a central role since early summer 2020: a swissQprint Nyala flatbed printer. “We have at least one of every type of machine, including several flatbeds, and yet the swissQprint with its unique abilities allowed us to expand our offerings further still,” says David. Varnish embellishment is just one example. This could mean covering a surface to obtain an overall gloss effect, or just highlighting certain areas of a print. For instance, to simulate water drops on a beverage bottle or a water effect on offset printed sheets. “We will do small print runs with the swissQprint and larger ones on our screen-printing press.” The same applies to white printing, another Nyala feature that DMR appreciates. Jamie confirms: “We use white every day, for multilayer prints and production on acrylic sheets.”

DMR Graphics Application © DMR Graphics

Ease of use

In addition to the impressive output, the special effects and the precision the printer delivers, it is an eye-catcher itself. “Visitors like the machine, it’s attractive and draws attention,” Jamie laughs, “and we love it, too, especially for its ease of use.” He remembers the installation in early June 2020: “We were fully into business after just one week.” That is not least due to the support they keep getting from the application specialists at the swissQprint subsidiary in Elgin, IL. “We can call them anytime and get immediate help.”

Boosted efficiency

As David explained, DMR keeps developing new solutions in pace with agencies who like to offer their customers original possibilities: “The swissQprint is one of the best tools to help us with whatever ‘it’ needs to be this time.” But it is not just about novel applications, what also counts are the technical features that increase efficiency and ROI. Jamie says: “The swissQprint registration system is one of the highlights, it helps a lot with signage.” The registration pins provide individual registration points along the width of the print bed and ensure precise registration – especially important with double-sided productions.

As a matter of fact, the registration system made DMR rethink their workflow. They used to print on large boards and then cut them. Using the swissQprint tandem function, they now do series with precut sheets – again, with the help of the registration pins. “Tandem saves time and money,” Jamie knows. This function enables non-stop printing as the table is alternatingly loaded with material on either side. Hence, there is no idle time: while printing is underway on one side, the operator unloads and loads the other side. “Combined with the Nyala’s print speed, we are seeing faster turnaround since we acquired the printer,” Jamie sums up.

DMR Graphics operator © DMR Graphics

Every day is different

One thing Jamie loves about his job is that every day is different. This is another point where Nyala plays along, thanks to its versatility. DMR processes a wide range of materials and the swissQprint ink will adhere to them all: acrylics, aluminum composite panels, PVC, foamboard, twin-wall sheets, wood flooring, tabletops, exercise mats, vinyl, tile, you name it. The printer also jets a primer which helps with challenging surfaces such as coated melamine boards, which DMR occasionally uses for display works.

DMR products and services include ‘print for pay’ for display and creative companies, and ‘trade work’: jobs outsourced by third parties who supply the material for DMR to print on. “And it all works with the Nyala,” Jamie confirms. Displays is another market DMR caters to via agencies: POP items made of acrylics, PVC, or polystyrene for example, or museum exhibition and retail signage. Last but not least, architecture is an important sector: wallpaper, plywood, wall displays for offices, hotels and restaurants.

DMR Graphics applications © DMR Graphics

Room to grow

Jamie sees great potential especially in interior design: “We are targeting more wallpaper jobs, for instance for refitting or rebranding individual stores and store chains.” As the Nyala is equipped with a roll to roll option as well as the dual roll option for parallel processing of narrow rolls, it is the perfect tool to handle these jobs. There is also room to grow in the packaging market, as Jamie explains: “Think of short runs and prototypes of 200-500 pieces for major partners to test and try before volume production starts.” He adds that special effects like varnish are sought-after in this segment.

DMR has always played in the higher-end markets and intends to continue doing so. With the current setup and the experience gained with the swissQprint Nyala, both David and Jamie are facing the future with confidence as they can offer new options at increased efficiency.

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