200 printers in Germany

Germany’s 200th swissQprint large format printer has gone into operation. The new owner, Druckzentrum Regler, is expanding its service offering in the high-quality digital printing segment with this printer.

swissQprint Impala 2 at Druckzentrum Regler

swissQprint has installed the 200th printer in Germany. It is at Druckzentrum Regler, a large screen-, textile- and digital print provider. The company now owns two swissQprint machines among a vast range of other equipment and machinery.

Druckzentrum Regler has been working with a Nyala 2 for three years. With this printer, the team tackles tasks that are too complex for the other printing machines they have. Orders of this special kind have gradually increased. That is why an Impala 2 has joined to help.

Yul Regler, the company’s CEO: “Our existing swissQprint printer has drawn in certain orders like a magnet, and we've now reached the limits of our capacity”. he Impala will first relieve the pressure, then Regler aims to expand its service offering in the high-quality digital printing segment.

Already now, Druckzentrum Regler with its 85 strong work force processes remarkable amounts of jobs – up to 30,000 square metres per month in total – and is active within and across Germany’s borders.

Published on:
Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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