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Europe's largest photo finisher, CEWE, has relied on swissQprint for large-format printing since 2011. Five Impala printers are in service at two CEWE production sites in Germany, where they operate with utter reliability even through peak periods of three shifts, seven days a week.

Large format printing joined the product range starting in 2011, when acquisition of the first swissQprint Impala large format printer started the expansion of CEWE's offering: canvas to begin with, posters soon thereafter, then direct printing onto board. The CEWE WALL ART line of business has seen such strong growth that five Impala printers are now operating at full capacity.

Impala LED at CEWE photo printing

Orders received during the high season run at four to five times the usual level. Then in particular, everything must operate smoothly. “We can’t make up for a lost day,” stresses Silke Beißel, CEWE WALL ART and gift items production manager at Oldenburg. The in-house technicians are on standby and their counterparts at swissQprint are likewise on call. “Fortunately, nothing has ever happened,” says Ms Beißel, “the printers are utterly reliable.” Which is yet another reason why CEWE plans on staying with swissQprint.

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