Of business and machine generations

A user report

Meet Fuchs Werbetechnik, a fourth-generation family-run enterprise with first-hand experience of every generation of swissQprint machines, from the début model to the present day. They have been operating four Nyala models in parallel since 2016. Their decision to go into digital direct printing kick-started a fundamental transformation from a firm of painters to a solid, mid-sized advertising technology company.

David Fuchs is the fourth generation of the family to fill the CEO’s seat. He explains: "In today’s crowded market, swissQprint puts us in an excellent position.” By this he means that the printers can accommodate diverse demands, so Fuchs is able to efficiently and economically handle everything from simple posters to the finest and most sophisticated work.

Debora und David Fuchs, Fuchs Werbetechnik

“In 2009, we acquired the first Oryx. It was a clear help in achieving our breakthrough,” Debora Fuchs emphasises.  She is responsible for purchasing, sales and project management. 

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Published on:
Friday, February 9, 2018

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