Scalability for success

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In the spotlight: an ambitious small company with high quality standards that has successfully grown and increased productivity with swissQprint – not least thanks to the scalability of the Impala 2 large format printer.

In the beginning, Studio 2803 worked exclusively with eco-solvent printers. This means that the laminating process followed printing, a costly and labourintensive step that often led to bottlenecks at peak times. Emmanuel Branger therefore researched ways to improve efficiency. “I took a lot of time for thorough market analysis until I finally came across a high-performance UV printer,” he says. He concluded that the only right solution would be a scalable system, able to grow with the company.

In retrospect, Emmanuel Branger talks about a game of chance in which he played a good hand of cards and put his small company on the road to success, despite all the initial misgivings and risks.

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Published on:
Monday, April 16, 2018

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