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droptix and lenticular

3D effects in advertising technology clearly are attraction boosters. And it seems that droptix has turned into a kind of art of its own. We are deeply impressed by the creativity that has gone into these works.

The order of the projects is random and has no reference whatsoever to the ranking in the swissQprint Creative Challenge.

Queens vs. Kings
Acrylic glass
630 x 457 x 6 mm
A piece of pop art combining various technolgies: laser, droptix, gold stamping, varnish.
Produced by GCOLOR Company Ltd., TW
Printer: Nyala 2


Lenticular sheet
700 x 700 mm
A stack of 59 magnified photographs of minerals creating a three-dimensional image and giving an insight into a fascinating miniature world.
Produced by Double P s.r.o, SK
Printer: Nyala 2


droptix stereoscopic jeans
Acrylic glass
600 x 450 x 10 mm
Combination of texture printing (jeans) and 3D effect surrounding the product promoted, creating an eye-catcher.
Produced by Hangzhou Loto Culture and Art Planning Co. LTD, CN
Printer: Nyala 3


Better with age droptix print
Acrylic glass 6 mm / 10 mm
295 x 420 mm
droptix highlights the product in the foreground. Rather than a repeating pattern, circles add a subtle movement to this design.
Produced by Coastline Graphics, GB
Printer: Nyala LED


Gameboy 1989
Acrylic glass
295 x 420 x 6 mm
The subtly printed 'Tetris' blocks evoke memories of playing the game. The droptix 3D effect enhances the look.
Produced by Coastline Graphics, GB
Printer: Nyala LED


Acrylic glass
420 x 296 x 6 mm
The background of the sheet is clear creating the illusion that one could reach right through it.
Produced by Coastline Graphics, GB
Printer: Nyala LED


droptix 3D light box
Acrylic glass
425 x 301 x 6 mm
A backlit partial 3D effect catches the eye. A solution adaptable for artists, commercial and industrial companies alike.
Produced by Shanghai Bigimage Co., Ltd, CN
Printer: Nyala 2


Acrylic glass
666 x 500 x 6 mm
Different printing techniques united in one piece: high-precision droptix 3D effect and relief print.
Produced by Haas Werbetechnik, AT
Printer: Nyala 3


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Published on:
20 January 2020

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