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Customisation is increasingly standard - in all aspects of life. swissQprint users demonstrate this with their projects, involving furniture, sports gear, teaching tools, leisure equipment, functional interior design, toys, promotional gifts and much more.

The order of the projects is random and has no reference whatsoever to the ranking in the swissQprint Creative Challenge.


Educational boards for blind children by Graffiti Art

Educational boards for blind children
PVC / transparent and white acrylics
240 x 500 x 190 mm
Enables self study of Braille. Smallish "letters" on the tabs, large "letters" on the cards. Created in close cooperation with schools for the blind.
Produced by Graffiti Art, PL
Printer: Nyala LED


Printed hockey stick by Bartolomé Fernández Jarén

Printed hockey stick
ca. 100 mm
Robust relief print for improved ball performance. Available in various designs and shapes (involving rounded edges). Professional players use them.
Produced by Bartolomé Fernández Jarén, ES
Printer: Impala 2


Merchant Rewards JZA trophy by S and D by Primex Inc.

Merchant Rewards JZA trophy
Acrylic glass 18 mm on wood
300 x 360 x 90 mm
A work by Jamie Zobel printed in vibrant colours and featuring enhanced details.
Produced by S and D by Primex Inc., PH
Printer: Nyala 2


Acoustic panel, Damgaard-Jensen A/S

Acoustic panel
VisioSound board
1730 x 1000 x 35 mm
Acoustic panel in disguise creates pleasant atmosphere in restaurants. Design by Ruth Crone for aestetic direct print.
Produced by Damgaard-Jensen A/S, DK
Printer: Nyala LED


Tea cup coaster by Hangzhou Loto Culture and Art Planning Co. LTD

Tea cup coaster
Diatomite + beech
ø 110 mm
A traditional yet sophisticated product made of antibacterial and antifungal material. 3 mio. pcs. produced for the Beijing Forbidden City per year.
Produced by Hangzhou Loto Culture and Art Planning Co. LTD, CN
Printer: Nyala 3


Rebild Løbet by Mekoprint A/S

Rebild Løbet
Acrylic glass
ø 88 mm
Custom medal for charity run. Combination of direct print on acrylic glass and etched aluminium element.
Produced by Mekoprint A/S, DK
Printer: Impala


Rustic Wooden Box Replica by Xpressprint AS

Rustic Wooden Box Replica
White composite board 3 mm, brushed composite board 3 mm
458 x 258 x 148 mm
Inspired by classic wooden boxes, realised with modern material to complement the bicycle. Bent composite panel without cracking. Laminated for durability.
Produced by Xpressprint AS, NO
Printer: Nyala LED


Rama Shinta coffee table set by PT. Zentech Prima Kreasindo

Rama Shinta coffee table set
Foam board (original 1.8 mm PVC panel)
ø 800 mm x 750 mm
Coffee table set. Customisable to enable the owners to tell a personal story with their furniture.
Produced by PT. Zentech Prima Kreasindo, ID
Printer: Impala 3


Lamp «Lord Guan, spirit of honor and justice» by Chung Jer Enterprise

Lamp «Lord Guan, spirit of honor and justice»
D-Board, acrylic, backlit, foam board, shiny silver PVC
1300 mm (H)
Custom lamp for religious festival combining electronics, graphics and three dimensional design.
Produced by Chung Jer Enterprise, TW
Printer: Impala 2, Nyala LED


Flying Plane by Coastline Graphics

Flying Plane
Hard plywood
420 x 296 x 3.6 mm
A flat object becomes a nostalgic plane thanks to accurate double-sided direct print and matching cutting paths.
Produced by Coastline Graphics, GB
Printer: Nyala LED


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Published on:
20 January 2020

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