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Packaging & display

Digital direct printing is the ideal solution for short runs of displays and for prototyping or realistic sampling of packaging. These projects deliver impressive proof.

The order of the projects is random and has no reference whatsoever to the ranking in the swissQprint Creative Challenge.


P.L.V. (POS) Boisson
Reboard 10 mm, acrylics
490 x 42 x 585 mm
Complex display featuring 3D and day/night effect. Programmed LED light behind the screen makes the message visible.
Produced by AGG Print, FR
Printer: Nyala LED


Lancôme Exp. Chiara by Adaequo S.L.

Lancôme Exp. Chiara
Acrylic, PVC board, metallic vinyl
500 x 470 x 240 mm
Display made of different materials involving printed varnish as well as glitter effects without screen printing. A cost-effective solution.
Produced by Adaequo S.L., ES
Printer: Impala 2


Guitar by France Affiches PVL

Forex, Reboard, Dibond
1050 x 357 mm
Different media combined with different print modes: relief / varnish. It almost feels like holding a real instrument.
Produced by France Affiches PVL, FR
Printer: Nyala 3


Pralinen-Kalender New York by Bräutigam – Ihr Mediendienstleister GmbH

Pralinen-Kalender New York
Gold cardboard 270 g
280 x 318 mm
Real-to-live prototype for three-dimensional advent calendar featuring metallic effect. Successfully tested in market research.
Produced by Bräutigam – Ihr Mediendienstleister GmbH, DE
Printer: Impala 3


Schaufensterbücher by Ing. H. Gradwohl Ges.m.b.H.

Schaufensterbücher für NÖ Landesausstellung 2019
870 x 620 mm / 617 x 442 mm
Giant books in two sizes with pluggable information elements as part of the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition "World in motion!".
Produced by Ing. H. Gradwohl Ges.m.b.H., AT
Printer: Nyala 2


Expositor Columna by Serisan

Expositor Columna
340 x 230 x 1690 mm
Display with printed wood design and partial varnish effects. Easy and toolless assembly. The display holds a 30 kg load.
Produced by Serisan, ES
Printer: Nyala 2


Kinder Saison Zirkus-Wagen by Bräutigam – Ihr Mediendienstleister GmbH 

Kinder Saison Zirkus-Wagen
Silver cardboard 270 g
140 x 115 x 72 mm
Real-to-live prototype involving varnish printing for haptic effects as simulation for embossing in mass production.
Produced by Bräutigam – Ihr Mediendienstleister GmbH, DE
Printer: Impala 3


ideoopack manupacktur promotionbox by raunjakintermedias GmbH

ideoopack manupacktur promotionbox
Silver cardboard, acrylic board
197 x 105 x 30 mm
Visual and haptic effects involving white and varnish and droptix on the inlay. A self-promotional item presenting all possibilities of UV printing.
Produced by raunjakintermedias gmbh, AT
Printer: Oryx 3


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Published on:
23 January 2020

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