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swissQprint large format printers are most commonly used in advertising technology. And rightly so, since they provide almost unlimited freedom in terms of format, choice of media and finishing. These projects demonstrate this in an exemplary manner.

The order of the projects is random and has no reference whatsoever to the ranking in the swissQprint Creative Challenge.

Creative print relief print by Coastline Graphics

Creative print relief print
Foam board
296 x 420 x 5 mm
Originally a plain white board that now features relief, depth and different finishes.
Produced by Coastline Graphics, GB
Printer: Nyala LED


kelag Fussabdruck, Haas Werbetechnik

kelag Fussabdruck
500 x 250 x 9 mm
Relief print on an uneven natural substrate underline the message of this item.
Produced by Haas Werbetechnik, AT
Printer: Nyala 3


SALE signage display lightbox by Chromega Sdn Bhd

SALE signage display lightbox
Acrylic glass
608 x 608 mm
Texture effect combined with illuminated (backlit) message and stars. A sales display for longterm use.
Produced by Chromega Sdn Bhd, MY
Printer: Nyala 2


Multilayer spaceguy

Multilayer spaceguy
Acrylic glass
350 × 188 × 65 mm
A 3-dimensional depth effect created by stacking printed (2D) acrylic sheets, illuminated from above. 
Produced by Signs365
Printer: Nyala 3


Einladungen 30 Jahre FACC by 1. Aichfelder Druck GmbH

Einladungen 30 Jahre FACC
Silver "Rainbow" mirror film, soft transparent PVC film, black cardboard 2 mm
210 x 148 mm
An elaborate composition of materials and print modes, including semigloss varnish print as well as tiny typography with personalisation.
Produced by 1. Aichfelder Druck GmbH, AT
Printer: Nyala LED


Edelvisitenkarte by Haas Werbetechnik

1.2 Hylite
55 x 86 mm
Business card and reference sample in one, featuring relief and varnish printing.
Produced by Haas Werbetechnik, AT
Printer: Nyala 3


Beautiful by Coastline Graphics

Acrylic glass
296 x 420 x 10 mm
The double sided print gives this object a certain depth. The transparencies of the layers create a screen printing effect.
Produced by Coastline Graphics, GB
Printer: Nyala LED


Mock manhole by Affix

Mock manhole
ø 755 mm
An easy to understand object on a low-cost substrate. Texture print gives the surface a real-to-live look and feel.
Produced by Affix, JP
Printer: Nyala 2


A lenticular fabrication by Beeline and Blue

A lenticular fabrication
E-Panel (alu composite)
Size of entire object: 297”× 95” (7,4 × 2,4 m)
Giant lenticular installation. Bending of printed panels without cracking. Final production exactly matched presentation renderings.
Produced by Beeline and Blue, US
Printer: Nyala LED


Mini pop up banner by Coastline Graphics

Mini pop up banner
300 Mycron Hydrosol
330 x 470 mm
Reception desk banner matching the spot varnish printed business cards of this therapy practice.
Produced by Coastline Graphics, GB
Printer: Nyala LED


Acrylic girl palette by Simpson Print

Acrylic girl palette
Acrylic glass
220 x 266 mm
Five layers printed accurately on one side enhancing the material's characteristics. High productivity and quality combined.
Produced by Simpson Print, CA
Printer: Nyala 3


NATUR by Schilder Systeme GmbH

Wood, stainless steel, anodised aluminium
600 x 400 mm
A symbiosis of natural and synthetic matter featuring (printed) sections of textured moss and stone structures.
Produced by Schilder Systeme GmbH, AT
Printer: Nyala


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Published on:
23 January 2020

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