Oryx 2

Small but effective is an understatement where the Oryx 2 is concerned. Its printing table does cover five square metres, after all. And this UV printer comes with every capability of its larger siblings: non-stop tandem production, brilliant special effects, continuous roll printing, and capacity to handle formats up to four metres long. It simply needs a little more time to do so. Oryx 2 is the ideal choice for quality at lower volumes.

Oryx 2 large format printer: entry level

From this perspective, the Oryx 2 might just as well be called Jumbo. What other large format printer in the entry level class can print sheet glass up to 400 kg? Or tarpaulin rolls up to 180 kg? But the Oryx 2 is more than a capable weightlifter. First and foremost, it delivers flawless printing results. In most cases, the standard 14-picolitre droplets already generate amazement. And the Oryx 2 operating in Fine Art mode with 9-picolitre droplets even has offset aficionados nodding in appreciation.

In terms of media and applications, users have total freedom. No sweat experimenting with unusual materials. Or colours. The Oryx 2 has nine colour channels that a user can populate as needed, at the time of ordering, or later. With orange, green and violet to extend the CMYK colour space. With light colours, for more nuanced shading. Effect varnish is a popular option, while white is virtually standard.

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