A high-end flatbed printer, designed as much for the graphic industry as it is for industrial purposes. Capable of high-precision digital flatbed printing onto everything from the smallest panel, through roll material to oversize media, all with widely differing properties. With a high performing vacuum system that even has heat-sensitive substrates under control. And boasting first-class quality, not just in its robust design and construction, but also in the printed results. This is Oryx.

Flatbed printer Oryx

Even the standard version of Oryx comes with some outstanding capabilities. The robustly built printing table handles panels up to 400 kg in weight and 50 mm in thickness.

The UV-cured ink adheres lastingly to surfaces as difficult as acrylic sheet. And that ink will not crack during the cutting process. Banding is unheard-of with Oryx, even on large areas of single colour. Beyond that, its strengths include impressive edge sharpness on tiny lettering, lines and geometrical shapes – this thanks to a visual print resolution of up to 2160 dpi.

The intelligent control unit of the flatbed printer steers the print head with micrometre precision and uses sophisticated algorithms for placing individual droplets of ink.

Full bleed printing is possible on Oryx without further ado. And should the printing table catch some ink in the process, that is no reason for concern. A scraper and a few drops of alcohol are all it takes to get the anodised surface of the printing table clean in a jiffy, getting the digital flatbed printing system ready for the next job.

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