The winners of the Creative Challenge 2019

swissQprint challenged all customers to send in the most original, complex, intriguing and persuasive objects to have emerged from a swissQprint machine. These are the winners of the swissQprint Creative Challenge.


Acrylic glass
666 x 500 x 6 mm
Different printing techniques united in one piece: high-precision droptix 3D effect
and relief print.
Produced by Haas Werbetechnik, AT
Printer: Nyala 3


Privathaus M by Erwin Hüttl Ges.m.b.H. 

Privathaus M
Metal design structure panel
1583 x 1024 mm
A piece of art featuring various varnish effects and random looking but precisely positioned splotches of printed paint.
Produced by Erwin Hüttl Ges.m.b.H., AT
Printer: Nyala 3


ideoopack manupacktur promotionbox by raunjakintermedias GmbH

ideoopack manupacktur promotionbox
Silver cardboard, acrylic board
197 x 105 x 30 mm
Visual and haptic effects involving white and varnish and droptix on the inlay. A self-promotional item presenting all possibilities of UV printing.
Produced by raunjakintermedias gmbh, AT
Printer: Oryx 3


Mosaik replika by Biksad

Mosaik replica with gold effect
Handmade paper
555 x 410 mm
A museum replica realised by means of texture reproduction of mosaik on hand made paper. Gold particles sprinkled by a robot.
Produced by Biksad, TR
Printer: Impala 3


Two projects obtained the same rating and hence rank equally.

Bio Club posters by Shoei

Bio Club posters
Hologram paper
840 x 593 mm
Partial print on an effect substrate. Open portions enhanced by printed drop gloss. Award winner at the ONE SHOW 2019.
Produced by Shoei, JP
Printer: Nyala 2


Natur by Schilder Systeme GmbH

Wood, stainless steel, anodised aluminium
600 x 400 mm
A symbiosis of natural and synthetic matter featuring (printed) sections of textured moss and stone structures.
Produced by Schilder Systeme GmbH, AT
Printer: Nyala


We would like to congratulate the winners as well as all the other participants for their extraordinary contributions in the fields:


Advertising technology

droptix & lenticular

Articles of daily use

Art & interior decoration

Packaging & display

Published on:
20 January 2020

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