Process colours 
Inkjet printing is as colourful as the world around us. The systems’ CMYK standard is expandable, either when a printer is initially equipped or later when the requirements change. Nine freely configurable colour channels are available.

Light colours
Light cyan, magenta and black reproduce natural skin tones, subtle gradients and shading.

The colour orange can be used in combination with the process colours – thus considerably extending the colour gamut in orange and red.

White, varnish, primer 
White, as a base layer or printed selectively, is a highlight with transparent and dark media. Effect varnish, applied partially or across the whole substrate, produces visual and tactile experiences. Primer applies the foundation for printing onto glass and metal. Placed where the ink will later go, it preserves the character of the substrate.

All of the UV-curing inks are VOC free. They bond on acrylic, aluminium composite panels, wood, tarpaulins, polyester, polycarbonate, polystyrene, (rigid foam) PVC, vinyl films, flexible foam panels and numerous other media. Suitable materials may be stretched after printing without any signs of stress whitening in the colour thanks to the adequately flexible ink.

Profitable LED technology

LED curing is cool. This means heat-sensitive media can join the portfolio and open up lucrative markets. LED lamps are always ready to go, with neither a warm-up nor a cool-down time. In addition, they are mechanically robust and maintenance-free. LED also pays dividends due to high system availability and low maintenance requirements.

Economical and environmentally friendly

With swissQprint, you can print with a clear conscience. Zero harmful constituents and ozone, barely any rejects or waste, and modest maintenance requirements keep the environmental footprint small. Energy efficiency is demonstrably very high (ISO 20690:2018).

Media diversity

Acrylic, aluminium composite panels, wood, tarpaulin, polyester, polycarbonate, polystyrene, (high-density) PVC, flexible foam panels, glass and metal – all routine work with swissQprint. Printing onto difficult, heat-sensitive materials such as textiles, films and paperboard is equally stress-free.

Exact register

swissQprint registration pins. They are set in no time and help to make full and efficient use of the print bed. Pegged onto a fine grid, they provide precise mechanical anchors for any format. Used in concert with the flip function, they even allow double-sided printing with absolute registration accuracy.

Clever media retention

A powerful vacuum holds substrates flat and firmly in place. The vacuum system is split into two sections and is steplessly adjustable along the width for a minimum of masking. Suction is freely adjustable, yet reduces as soon as there is sufficient negative pressure to cut down on noise and wasted energy. The system can also blow, so heavy media float across the table. This makes for effortless positioning.

Total control

The control system provides the operator with plenty of handy assistance, such as the vacuum control button: this blinks and changes colour to signal how effective the negative pressure is at any given moment.

Just repeat

Printing a series of identical or different subjects with no additional RIP process? Nothing could be simpler with the ‘step and repeat’ and ‘shadow files’ functions included in the output software. Just select the files, enter the number of repetitions desired, and off it goes.

Safety for people and processes

Should something or someone breach the light curtain at the beam, the print head carriage slows down to warn as well as protect the operator. Meanwhile, printing continues. There is no loss of time or material.

No crushing crashes

Crash Sensor Technology prevents damage and rejects if the material thickness was entered incorrectly or corners on the medium are sticking out, for instance. The print head carriage stops if there is a hazard, and later continues at the exact pass position.

Print 3D effects

droptix means 3D visual effects using transparent media. Produced by printed lenses that work like a magnifying glass. The eye-catcher par excellence. swissQprint Kea software assists with data preparation.

Worth seeing from both sides

Transparency can be highly effective: multilayer printing comprised of process colours, foundation layer, blocking layer, foundation layer, and process colours again. And it is so easy to achieve. The layers are printed in one pass, by the way. So they overlap exactly – no chance of bleed-through.

Visual and tactile enhancement

Effect varnish lends printed items that certain extra. The scope is vast: printed selectively or across the whole expanse, as a light or heavy layer, with a matte to high-gloss finish – everything is possible. Besides, ink layering is able to produce Braille text and relief prints.

Constant print quality

swissQprint large-format printers comply with the Fogra PSD. They can integrate with a PSD workflow and deliver constant print quality with faithful colour results.

Swiss Made

swissQprint is packed with 100 % Swiss development and mechanical engineering. Inclusive of the control technology and software. Each item is carefully matched to the solid overall system. This explains the printers’ extreme operating precision and exceptional durability.

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