Karibu: certified energy efficiency

Karibu, the swissQprint roll to roll printer, is highly energy efficient: It is ISO 20690 certified, like its flatbed siblings. Economical in power consumption, it thus conserves resources.

energy efficiency by swissQprint

Karibu, the first swissQprint roll to roll printer, has undergone tests as specified by the ISO 20690 standard – and earned an excellent grade. Fogra experts certify its "outstanding energy efficiency". The same applies to all swissQprint flatbed printers featuring LED technology, as last year's test showed.

The large format printers consume little electricity in relation to their productivity, which bears positively on operating costs and the environmental balance. In concrete terms, Karibu in "Speed" mode prints 71 square metres per kilowatt hour.

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Published on:
9 September 2019

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