Brilliant opportunities for roll to roll printing

Varnish effects now also with Karibu

The roll to roll printer Karibu comes with unique features and is highly versatile. It can now also enhance roll media by means of effect varnish. Be it applied partially, as an overall cover or even in multilayers for tactile effects. Extraordinary opportunities are unfolding.

Yes, this wallpaper pattern looks nice. How about giving it that certain something by adding a varnish pattern? The poster for the new craft beer has come out really well. Wouldn’t it be great if the condensation drops were shiny and three-dimensional? And why should a flexible banner not look like an enamel sign?

You can finish roll media in a multitude of ways thanks to the highly flexible varnish that has been specially developed for the roll to roll printer Karibu: printed simultaneously with the process colours or as partial or full overprint in various gloss levels from matt to high gloss.

In addition to enhancing the visual appearance the varnish also fends off water and solvents to a certain extent and it even increases abrasion and scuff resistance, hence prolonging the lifespan of a print.

With Karibu you will fulfil even the most unusual customer wishes – always in premium quality.

Published on:
1 April 2020

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