Nyala 2


The Nyala 2 4×4 version puts you ahead of the game. This high-end flatbed printer enables short production times while delivering first-class quality: print density, intense colours and the finest of fine detail. An unbeatable combination.

swissQprint Nyala 2 4×4

4×4 is just the job for high-throughput, high-quality printing operations. The products it delivers are designed for close-up viewing and are also effective at a distance. Like trade fair elements: they shine with flawless sharpness and density. Like backlits: high-quality printed products, deliverable at short notice, with leeway for personalisation. Like POS/POP displays: not only is price/performance competitive, production is also profitable.

Sounds fantastic? It is – and realistic as well. The 4×4 version of the Nyala 2 flatbed printer masters the balancing act between speed and density. It has various quality modes and droplet sizes to meet every requirement. Furthermore, fine art mode significantly extends the colour gamut. And this even at impressive printing speeds.

Print mode

Nyala 2

Nyala 2
2 × CMYK


206 m2/h


206 m2/h

103 m2/h


101 m2/h

54 m2/h

Fine art

57 m2/h

32 m2/h

No comparable large format printer delivers anything near such a dense printing result at this speed and resolution.

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