Impala 2

Unassuming at first glance, yet a jack of all trades when fully equipped. Impala 2 is the UV printer for businesses with a wish to grow. Because the base model can grow in all directions: doubling its output both in terms of printing speed and maximum format size. The Impala 2 is modest in only one respect: its physical dimensions.

Impala 2: extensible UV printer

The Impala 2 is an especially good illustration of the modular design principles of swissQprint products. At heart, it is a robust flatbed printer with a 2.5 × 2 metre printing table. There are two print head variants to choose from, both deployable either singly or doubled up for twice the performance: 180 m2 per hour is the maximum.

An Impala 2 extended with the board option for outsize formats can handle media up to 2.5 × 4 metres. In other words, twice as long as the printing table measures from front to back.

The Impala 2 also masters continuous printing with the roll to roll option. It scores for printing non-rigid media with a vacuum that tames wrinkles in the material and that is available in two strength variants. While feeding, the vacuum briefly releases to give minimal friction. This makes the Impala 2 able to process roll jobs all by itself.

Teamwork is only needed for tandem printing a series of boards. The Impala 2 takes care of printing duties, alternating between the front and rear halves of the table. The operator keeps loading and unloading media and printing really takes off.

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