Impala. That is the name of the secret weapon for the graphic industry and industrial companies who place their bets on up-to-date digital direct printing. Universal and modular, the UV printer Impala is future-oriented and multi-talented when it comes to applications. It is robust, works with exceeding precision and delivers outstanding print quality – because Impala is thoroughly Swiss made.

UV printer Impala

Versatile and robust, Impala is a digital direct printing system that is expandable as required. For example, the standard CMYK may be supplemented by as many as five additional channels – including varnish, or primer for printing onto media that have traditionally resisted inkjet methods. In any case, the UV-hardening ink set adheres to highly diverse materials and does not crack even during trimming, which broadens the production portfolio to include numerous attractive applications.

Impala comes with a steplessly adjustable vacuum system that retains standard panels just as securely as heat-sensitive substrates and fabrics. The printing table, anodised for easy maintenance, can carry media as heavy as 400 kg. In contrast to this weighty muscle, printing is absolute high precision. The intelligent controller positions every droplet with micrometre exactitude.

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