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Packaging is part of the product. It attracts buyers and rounds off the customer experience. Digital print is the leading player in prototyping and short runs. Versatile and precise swissQprint flatbed printers have what it takes for stardom.

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Typical application areas

Packaging and displays in all shapes and colours.

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Facts & Figures

Compelling facts

Vakuum segments
Substrates secured simply and fast
Print zones
Efficient tandem production
Tiny font
Benchmark precision
Freely configurable colour channels
Varnish and orange as examples
Prototypes/short runs

Realistic prototypes

Plain white samples are passé. Brand owners and agencies want realistic mock-ups complete with finishing. You can fully meet such demands with a swissQprint flatbed printer. They operate with high resolution and precision – barcodes and even the smallest negative text are rendered razor-sharp. They cover a wide colour gamut, which allows matching to corporate colours. And with effect varnish, they accentuate design elements in both look and feel. In short: this is how you make totally happy customers.

In terms of quality, our digital printing is on a par with offset printing.

Susanne Paulsen, spot display, Germany

Spot display logo

All told, with Impala we have achieved an increase in quality and expanded our offering of small print runs and samples.

Carsten Böttcher, spot display, Germany

Spot display logo

Short-run production of packaging and displays

Digital printing makes the most efficient solution for short runs, especially where personalisation is in play. Speaking of play: with a swissQprint flatbed printer you can really run wild when it comes to materials. These machines will print onto just about anything, from acrylic glass to E-flute, paper, wood, plastic, cardboard, honeycomb panels… The powerful vacuum secures even difficult media such as corrugated board for smooth printing.

Helpful features
Just repeat © swissQprint

Just repeat

Printing a series of identical or different subjects with no additional RIP process? Nothing could be simpler:

Flip © swissQprint

Flip – double-sided printing

You can produce pinpoint registration with double-sided prints in no time, even with inaccurately cut media.

Tandem © swissQprint


In tandem operation, machine and operator join forces for continuous, non-stop action and maximum productivity.

visual and tactile nehancement © swissQprint

Visual and tactile enhancement

Effect varnish lends printed items that certain extra. The scope is vast.

Media diversity © swissQprint

Media diversity

Acrylic, aluminium composite panels, wood, tarpaulin, polyester, polycarbonate, polystyrene, (high-density) PVC,

Tip Switch Vacuum © swissQprint

Tip Switch Vacuum

The underpressure-controlled vacuum system is strong but quiet.

About colours and inks

Vibrant orange and red tones

The orange spot colour can be used in combination with the process colours. Like this you can extend the already large colour gamut to a new level for vibrant oranges and reds, as well as accurate reproduction of corporate colours.

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Flexible inks

swissQprint inks easily cope with creasing, folding and cutting.

Special effects using white and varnish

White, as a base layer or printed selectively, brings transparent and dark media into the picture. Effect varnish, applied partially or across the whole expanse, produces visual and tactile experiences.

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